Timber Projects - Concept Planning 

We get excited about the design and building process along with working with people and their dreams.  

Our craftsmanship, our care in creating useable, practical space and working with our customer's dreams are a few ways it is evident that we love what we do

Our Product Includes but not Limited to:

The Process

Each timber frame project begins as we sit down with you and create a design. Using Google Sketch Up, an accurate 3-D model is produced. The beams are prefabricated by means of handcraft using the finest power tools on the market, finished, delivered and then assembled and installed on site. 

Hybrid - Are there other options other than full timber frame? 

Timber frame can be used to accent conventional structures. A great room with a timber frame vaulted ceiling in a conventionally built house is only one example.

There are numerous ways to dress up the exterior of architecture with faux trusses or covered entries.

Owner Built

Do you want to build your own timber frame house?

We enjoy working with you and teaching you everything that is involved in making your dream a reality.

The design possibilities are endless. With a timber frame you access the world of open concepts, vaulted ceilings and curved trusses. Any style can be met for example staining timbers white is not out of the question.