This work is my passion. 

We are a small family business.  Top Peg specializes in timber frame construction, craftsmanship and tasteful aesthetics with integrity at all levels during the building process.

My timber inspiration.

I had long dreamed of building my own home out in the heart of the wilderness.

The obvious line of thought would be to go with a log structure because traditionally that could be done with just an axe. I had always had a passion for log building and it wasn't until later that I developed a desire to work with timber frames.

I was fortunate to be introduced to Clemens Esser a German timber craftsman from my home town McBride, BC in 2008.

I was enthralled with the history and beauty of Western Europe architecture and when I discovered this construction style was available in North America I knew immediately that this was something I would love make my professional trade in life. So I did. I read books, went to school, and later was again fortunate enough to work along side Clemens, the same German craftsman who initially inspired me, for a time period of over 8 months.  

I have since grown my style from Clemens to be of my own, and now have an even better appreciation of the history and art of timber framing. 

Beauty is defined by shapes and spaces that timbers create.